• prefabrik yapılarModular Buildings : We have been manufacturing prefabricated buildings with high quality, affordable and quick installation for 27 years. We are manufacturing practical and quick to install Prefabricated offices, construction sites, dormitories and dining halls in order to enable companies to start their projects quicker. With cutting-edge seamless building technology Read More >

    Prefabricated Office Buildings : With long-life and four season usage characteristics, Karmod prefabricated office buildings are manufactured at high quality. Being pre-fabricated in modern facilities by using seamless threaded system technology, Karmod prefabricated office buildings are installed on-site by our expert teams within a short time and delivered as ready-to-use. Being manufactured with computer belt system according to approved project Read More >
  • prefabrik evlerWith Karmod single-story ready-to-use houses that are high quality with long service life, you can live a happy life with your loved ones. Karmod single-story ready-to-use houses are manufactured with seamless threaded system technology with maximum safety and long service life. Being pre-manufactured by using complete materials on computer-based production line, Karmod single-story Read More >

    Prefabricated Prefabricated Housing : Karmod prefabricated duplex ready to use houses are produced with high quality and long service life. Prefabricated duplex ready-to-use houses which are pre-fabricated with computer-controlled automation system by using seamless threaded system technology as demounted are delivered and installed on-site by our Read More >
  • konteynerDouble Storey Jointed Containers : Jointed construction site and office containers are specially manufactured at requested sizes as single-story or double-story based on project. Jointed containers are custom manufactured according to usage characteristics as construction sites and office management buildings. Among those, construction site Read More >

    Metropolitan Containers : With industrial design, contemporary & modern structure suitable to the environment, outer covering and view suitable to natural and historic fabric, aesthetic and safe, securely high heat and sound insulation, transportation advantages as mono block, metropolitan container is excellent building technology. Metropolitan container is the first choice with its aesthetic, safe and Read More >
  • kabinWide Office Cabins : Karmod wide cabins manufactured at high quality offer safe, well-insulated and closed living ares up to 50 square meters. Wide cabins manufactured by Karmod, a leading brand in cabin manufacturing in the world are used with confidence in more than 70 countries in the world. Karmod Cabin is used as ticket sale cabin in Manchester United’s Read More >

    Modular Cabins :Karmod is a global leader in the production of polyester modular security and living cabins. Karmod is a leading brand with investment made in the sector and export made more than 70 countries in the world since 1986. The most important feature of that differentiates Karmod cabin is the belt system manufacturing specially developed for modular living cabins. Read More >
  • çelik evler Duplex Steel Buildings :Duplex steel houses are double-story house models. It is the first choice of the people willing to own safe detached villa with respect to comfort and aesthetic as well as manufacturing quality. Duplex steel houses are the safest building model in our age. Steel material acts without cracking Read More >

    Single Story Steel Buildings :Steel houses are the safest building model in our age. Steel material acts without cracking with its flexible structure during undesired natural disasters such as earthquakes etc. Steel houses are safe structures against earthquake because of that reason. We present single-story steel houses with their aesthetic structures and functional plans to our customers desiring comfort and long-life living Read More >